Topic:Bundled Payments

Arranging bundled payments is a necessity so that a hospital can achieve optimal outcomes. We are happy to write a series of articles based on the bundled payment model, and explain why it’s important for healthcare facilities and providers to reach an understanding. Together they can come up with a single payment for all patient services to treat a single episode of care. An episode of care is when a patient receives care for a certain condition within a certain period of time. In our articles, we discuss the importance of embracing a value-based care and coming up with positive results. 

If providers understand the downside to financial risk contracts they can work together to come up with a solution and embrace change. And, to make bundled payments go more smoothly, they can also adopt new technologies. Revint focuses on Medicare Reimbursement and can help you bundle payments and improve the billing cycle. There’s one area of focus we zero in on in particular, which is leveraging DSH Analytics solutions. We do this to help providers maximize their payments.