We understand that medical information about you and your health is personal. With this understanding, please be assured that Revint Solutions is committed to protecting the privacy of your medical information (also known as “protected health information” or “PHI”) and all of your privacy rights.

The information handled by Revint Solutions, provided by your health care provider is found in your medical record. We need this record to ensure appropriate payment to the provider for care rendered in compliance with certain legal requirements.
This policy applies to all of the records of your care generated by your provider and accessed by Revint Solutions under the agreed scope of work.

We are required by law to make sure that medical information that identifies you is kept private and disclose such information only in a manner as permitted by law.

Revint Solutions has been engaged by your healthcare provider to access and use your protected health information to obtain payment for the health care services you received. For example—we may include information with a bill to a third-party payer that identifies you, your diagnosis, procedures performed, and supplies used in rendering the service. Your healthcare provider has issued you a Notice of Privacy Practice which will outline your full rights under the HIPAA Privacy rule.


As a consumer of healthcare, it is your right to choose your healthcare provider. Revint Solutions is not a healthcare provider.

Onward Transfer

As a consumer of healthcare, it is your right to choose your healthcare provider. Revint Solutions is not a healthcare provider.


Access controls exist at various layers of the system, including the network. Access control is implemented requiring, as a minimum, a unique logon (user ID) and password. At the application and database level, other access control methods are utilized to further restrict or manage access. The application and database systems can limit the number of applications and databases available to users, based on their job requirements. Access is implemented by least privileged, and then it is adjusted or increased as needed by user role changes. REVINT does not use group, shared, or generic accounts and passwords.


Hardware devices, software programs, and network systems purchased and provided by the organization are only for creating, researching, and processing company-related materials, and other tasks necessary for performing one’s employment duties. By using the organization’s hardware, software, and network systems, user assumes personal responsibility for the appropriate usage and agree to comply with this policy and other applicable policies, as well as state and federal laws and regulations.


Violations may result in disciplinary action in accordance with REVINT policy. Failure to observe these guidelines may result in disciplinary action by the organization depending upon the type and severity of the violation, whether it causes any liability or loss to the organization, and/or the presence of any repeated violation(s).

Data Integrity

The data validation initiative covers the accuracy of data files submitted for client activity and accuracy of individual data elements. It is intended to provide certain well-defined guarantees for fitness, accuracy, and consistency of any of various kinds of user input into an application or automated system. Data validation rules can be defined and designed using any of various methodologies and be deployed in any of various contexts.


REVINT employs a formal sanctions process for personnel failing to comply with established information security policies and procedures. This includes notifying defined personnel (e.g., supervisors) within a defined time frame when a formal sanction begins, identifying the individual sanctioned, and the reason for the sanction. REVINT includes specific procedures for license, registration, and certification denial or revocation and other disciplinary action.



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