Under Medicare Post-Acute Transfer rules, certain DRGs are subject to reduced payments if patients are discharged early and receive post-acute care elsewhere. In many cases, patients do not receive the expected post-acute care for reasons outside of your control. This puts your healthcare system at risk for underpayments as high as $70k per account if claims are not coded correctly. Supported by our next generation Transfer-DRG Platform, we have time and again recovered up to 70% more than our competitors and up to 120% more than providers who have completed similar reviews internally.

Revint new and improved Transfer-DRG platform uncovers every lost dollar your
organization deserves.
• We couple our industry-leading technology platform with our hands-on regulatory and clinical expertise

• Our two-step approach identifies all uncovered revenue, which cannot be accomplished through technology alone

• We contact Medicare Administrative Contractors (MAC) to validate our findings prior to submitting claims for payment

• We go the extra mile while other solutions simply rely on computer programs to catch low-hanging fruit



Our new platform will provide organizations with additional benefits such as streamlined processes with greater efficiency, new and improved CMS interface capabilities, ability to pull Medicare FFS data automatically, new and enhanced reporting, and improved benchmarking capabilities with trending insights.


Our long history of leadership and innovation is unrivaled, as we continue to dominate the Transfer DRG space with our next generation platform. We have collected over $900 million for our clients, performed over 1,200 engagements across the U.S., and processed over 5 million claims.


While being an industry leader is what we strive to be, compliance is our top priority and we can assure you that we never compromise our quality standards. We bring our compliance centric approach with our practiced team of leaders to each client we serve.

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