Healthcare organizations find it difficult to consistently provide excellent patient care while maintaining financial performance. In an era of limited resources, healthcare providers often want to focus on their core mission, patient care. Yet, revenue and operations management functions are important to any healthcare system.

Call Center & Patient Scheduling Services

• We will be an extension of your team to help schedule and pre-register patients

• Our services increase levels of access, quality of service, performance metrics, and patient satisfaction

Denial Management

• We help identify root causes for high-volume denials and implement processes that reduce avoidable denials

Coding Services

• Our certified coders can supplement your staff or assume full responsibility of inpatient and outpatient coding functions

Insurance Verification

• We supplement insurance verification teams and implement processes to mitigate insurance coverage related denials

A/R Billing and Follow Up

• We support in-house client operations to improve cash flow


Revint Solutions looks to meet or exceed industry standard key performance metrics in each aspect of revenue and operations management. We drive results and our success is tied to your outcomes


With over 25 years of experience, Revint Solutions has developed robust supplemental support services for healthcare systems. These services allow clients to experience on-going support while they focus on strategic priorities


Revint Solutions is a valuable, strategic partner to healthcare providers producing the highest quality of supplemental support services