Uncollected self-pay accounts can be hard on a hospital’s bottom line. Revint Solutions payer verification is designed to perform insurance coverage queries in more detail and retrieve insurance coverage beyond the tools and protocols used in current hospital revenue cycle operations.

Revint Solutions payer verification solution will:

• Scrub patient demographic data to improve the insurance coverage search process and the subsequent collections effort on confirmed self-pay accounts

• Initiate multiple database searches as needed to locate and confirm the patient’s primary coverage

• Perform queries to search for active Medicare and Medicaid eligibility

• Search for commercial insurance, where applicable

• Filter out coverage unrelated to services provided

• Present timely data through a user-friendly, web-based system (and optional electronic files) for updating the hospital’s patient accounting system

• Provide management reporting for operational improvement and focused training


We find that 15-20% of accounts have demographic errors that can cause issues confirming third party eligibility and managing the account. On average, our payer verification solution recovers 3-8% in missed revenue of referred receivables.


Our leadership and staff have made their careers in the hospital and healthcare industries. They understand through firsthand experience the challenges healthcare systems face in managing the self-pay accounts receivable.


Our payer verification solution also finds retroactively-activated eligibility that typical search processes miss. Clients engage our services over many years as they see the continued value we deliver.