Keeping up with the changing Medicare reimbursement rules and regulations is a challenge for all hospitals. Revint maximizes Medicare reimbursement on both a retrospective and prospective basis through our best in class Disproportionate Share Hospital (“DSH”), Worksheet S-10, and Medicare Bad Debt (“MBD”) services. Also, we support most other areas of the Medicare cost report, including medical education and organ transplant reviews, along with full preparation and comprehensive reviews. Our proprietary software solution, COMPASS, uses advanced data algorithms and intelligent queries to effortlessly find eligibility matches that other firms cannot.


• We leverage our DSH Analytics solutions to help providers maximize their payments

• We provide complete and accurate DSH listings that will withstand the scrutiny of MAC audits


• Our proprietary MBD model reconciles each individual account in the Medicare detailed PS&R to find all appropriate MBD

• We provide complete and accurate MBD listings that will withstand the scrutiny of MAC audits


• Our best-in-class solution uses sub-claim level data to accurately track and document uncompensated/charity care

• Our audit documentation allows providers to keep the dollars they deserve and continue helping those in need

• Our experts can assist in making sure that your policies adhere to the latest federal and state regulations


We have a proven track record of delivering excellent results for our clients in a timely manner. Our automated, sophisticated technology and processes allow us to deliver additional Medicare value, all while maintaining best-in-class audit accuracy rates.


Our team has over 25 years of specific Medicare reimbursement experience, which allows us to deliver optimal services and solutions. Our experts help develop new products to address the ever-evolving Medicare regulatory environment and find providers the dollars they deserve.


We have the expertise to work effectively with the MAC to quickly realize our client’s Medicare reimbursement opportunities. We’re continually working to develop new solutions to help providers maximize their governmental reimbursements.

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