Healthcare organizations face increasing regulatory compliance issues. Clinical coding and documentation requirements often overwhelm healthcare systems and lead to significant revenue leakage. Each year, hospitals are underpaid between 1-5% of Net Patient Revenue despite significant investments to mitigate revenue leakage.

• DRG Validation is a ‘safety net’ technology solution that identifies opportunities to establish accurate reimbursement

• Serves as an educational tool for accurate case mix index (CMI), compliance, and quality through reporting and feedback

• Limited IT involvement

• Our algorithm reviews existing coding and documentation and runs pre-bill or post bill

• Our experts also review medical records to document evidence for DRG shifts

• An intuitive interface allows your staff to review, make changes, and bill


Our proprietary algorithm is 20x more efficient than traditional auditors allowing clients to perform DRG Validation in 3-4 days instead of 2-3 months.


DRG Validation has been deployed in both private and academic healthcare systems often in the context of computer-assisted coding and clinical documentation software solutions or vendors. Incremental reimbursements and CMI improvements are often seen within 1 month of implementation.


Revint Solutions offers contingency based and fixed fee agreements. Fixed fees are guaranteed at 2 to 1, with limited financial risk to your organization. We perform free assessments to prove results, which requires limited IT involvement.