Coronavirus Update for Our Clients

Coronavirus Update for Our Clients

First, please let me thank each of our healthcare clients for your extraordinary response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) healthcare crisis in the US and across the globe.  To your physician and nurse providers, health systems, hospitals, and employees, thank you for being on the front lines as you care for those already sick and help us to reduce further spread as much as possible.  It has always been, perhaps even more so today, a privilege to serve those who care for each of us – thank you.

We also recognize that as COVID-19 continues to spread, there continues to be an impact on your ability to deliver on your clinical mission and manage business activities.  Your business, safety, and well-being is our top priority, along with that of our professionals who serve you. We put together the plan below to ensure the safety and security of our teammates and our clients. 

You can count on us being here for you through this challenging time.  Our technology and our workforce are perfectly positioned to address virtual delivery.

  • We operate from a HiTrust secured, cloud-based technology platform, which means you as a client and our entire workforce can access our technology from anywhere at any time.
  • We have developed one of the industry’s largest virtual auditing teams that will continue to work as usual, no changes needed.
  • As a company, we have always operated in a mostly virtual fashion.  We have now extended that capability to a confirmed 100% virtual workforce to support you and your organizations.  

You are going to hear from us more often, but it will be primarily virtual.  To protect your valued employees and patients, we are converting our interactions to virtual.

  • To respond to the national call to assist in slowing COVID-19 spread, we suspended all company travel and in-person meetings.
  • As most of you have already experienced, we have very strong virtual meeting capabilities. We are committed to continuing delivery of results, communication of findings, and sharing outcomes with you via teleconference and virtual tools.

You will see us not only delivering our current services, but we will focus on getting you timely information on how you are doing.  

  • We understand your business offices will be challenged as they convert to virtual capabilities and there could be interruptions in performance or service.  As a virtual “safety net” for your revenue performance, we will be monitoring your claims data for early indicators of fluctuations and performance in our findings and deliver them back to your organization.
  • Your Revint primary point of contact will follow up with additional details on how we will continue supporting you.

Please know that we remain committed to serving you and your organization through this evolving international health situation.

Coronavirus Update for Our Clients
Roger Davis
Chief Executive Officer